Calling friends and family in Mexico doesn’t have to be a complicated affair. Whether you’re using a landline or your trusty mobile phone, a quick and easy process ensures you can connect with loved ones across the border. Here’s your one-stop guide to calling Mexico from anywhere in the world:

Dialing Do’s and Don’ts

  • Exit Code: Initiate your international call by dialing the exit code specific to your country. In the United States and Canada, it’s “011.”
  • Mexico’s Country Code: Next, dial “52,” the country code for Mexico. This tells the phone network you’re reaching a number outside your own country.
  • Area Code: After the country code, punch in the Mexican area code. These are typically 2 or 3 digits and can be found online or in a calling directory. For example, Mexico City’s area code is “55.”
  • Phone Number: Finally, dial the remaining 7 or 8 digits of the Mexican phone number you’re trying to reach.

Mobile Magic Calling Mexican Cell Phones

For Mexican cell phones, there’s a slight variation:

  • After the country code (52), dial “1” before the area code. This USA Cell Phone Number List  ensures your call connects to a mobile device.

Pro Tip Skip theExtras

You might see a leading “0” in some Mexican phone numbers. This trunk SNBD Host  code is only used for domestic calls within Mexico and doesn’t need to be dialed when calling internationally.

Calling Apps Cost- Effective Communication

Consider using a calling app if you frequently chat with folks in Mexico. Many offer competitive rates and features like video calls, all accessible through your smartphone. Popular options include Viber, WhatsApp, and Google Duo. Just ensure both you and the recipient have the app downloaded for a seamless connection.

Bonus Tip: Save Those Pesos!

Calling rates can vary depending on your phone carrier’s plan. Explore international calling packages or invest in a prepaid calling card specifically for calls to Mexico. This can significantly reduce your calling costs.

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