One of the biggest concerns for many advertisers working with Google Shopping is how to make their product listings stand out from those of their competitors in search results. Beyond price, which is, without a doubt, the key factor in any comparison site, at CrackPPC we believe that there are three very relevant aspects on which we can act to try to maximize the coverage and relevance of our PLAs:

Promotional items

In today’s post we are going to talk about the saudi arabia phone number list latter, the promotional elements, and more specifically the sale_price or offer price.

What is the sale_price attribute ?
This is an optional attribute of the data feed that allows us to upload a different (lower) price than the current price. In theory, it should only be used during a specific sale period, but as we will see, in practice, we can always have a sale_price set.

However, we also have the possibility of uploading another optional attribute called sale_price_effective_date , or effective date of the offer price, to limit the duration of that sale_price in time and which, normally, would correspond to the effective dates of the promotion in question.

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Criteria for its activation

If the original price and the sale price meet certain SNBD Host criteria, the original price may appear crossed out next to the sale price so users can see the difference between the two. There may even be a SALE label in the top left corner.

The criteria that must be met are:

Having charged the base price, or a higher price, for a period of 30 days (consecutive or not) in the last 200 days.
Have a valid base price.
The sale price, sale_price , must be lower than the base price.
The offer discount must be greater than 5% and less than 90%.
Practical example
Let’s imagine that for any article the price varies as follows:

Criteria for its activation

€60 for 10 days (we will send to the feed, price = €60)
€50 for 20 days (we will send to the feed, price = €60 and sale_price = €50). Nothing will happen if the base price has not been higher for a period of at least 30 days.
€60 for 30 days (we will send to the feed, price = €60)
€50 for x days (we will send to the feed, price = €60 and sale_price = €50), here it will trigger and the “offer” label and the crossed out base price will be likely to appear.
Why use it? What does it look like?
Please note that these promotional elements are visible on both computers and mobile devices. Here are some examples of how they would look:

As you can see, these product sheets stand out a lot next to other “normal” ones and ensure a considerable improvement in CTR.

Did you know about the existence of this attribute? Have you ever used it? If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write to us . We can guide and advise your technical team to internally collect a price history for each product and thus automate the inclusion of these attributes in the data feed when appropriate.

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