Google provides many resources to help you learn Google Ads , but when it comes to completing the training, you may have several questions about specific terms that are not explained in depth, or use cases for the different tools. In this post, you will learn about different pages and resources that can be of great help in understanding this complex and at the same time interesting world.

We’ve prepared a list of difficult-to-understand terms and tools, but first, it’s important to know the platform’s official Google Ads learning resources. We encourage you to follow them closely so you can always stay up to date!

Google Skillshop allows you to get certified

Google tools for work environments. It also has qatar mobile numbers database a ton of courses and guides that are very helpful when it comes to learning new features or launching within the Google Ads environment.
Help Center where you can search for any questions about Google Ads. Here we have all the specifications of the networks and advertising requirements in Google Ads. It is our favorite resource to learn Google Ads .

Phone Number

Help Community to ask questions and have experts answer them. It’s open to anyone and is available for over 50 Google products and in over 20 languages.
Think with Google to learn about all the latest news, trends, studies, success stories and also offers tools to optimize your marketing strategy. It is updated frequently, and has a periodic newsletter where they send helpful resources to learn about Google Ads, YouTube, or digital strategy.
Google Digital Garage offers a variety of free courses to improve your digital skills and grow your business or career.
Google Activate is another platform for free courses to boost your digital skills. There are online courses as well as in-person ones!
Resources to help you learn Google Ads outside of Google
In addition to these official tools, launched by Google so that marketers can always stay up to date, many users (including us) develop their own content, aimed at being a learning guide for anyone new to the sector.

Digital Marketing Glossary

It is advisable to have a Digital Marketing SNBD Host Glossary on hand. This sector is full of acronyms, anglicisms and technical terms that must be controlled at all times.

In this Digital Marketing Dictionary you can consult all the most important and current terms in the sector:

Digital Marketing Glossary On the following page you can learn a little more about Display Advertising and find out exactly what it consists of.

What is Google Adwords Editor?

Google Ads Auction System
This part is very complex and difficult to understand at first, but it is one of the main axes of Google Ads (and many online advertising platforms). Therefore, it is very important to be clear about how it works in order to maximize our profitability and control the factors that will determine the position of our ads.

The following video explains what the Google Ads bidding system consists of:

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