There are many types of audiences in Google Ads that we can use to segment or adjust our campaigns on different networks. In this article we would like to delve into all those that can be created, managed and viewed directly through the audience manager.

What is this magic you call Google Ads’ “audience manager”?

The audience manager is a section, accessible from singapore mobile number list the Google Ads interface itself, from where you can manage all your audiences, their sources (the Google Ads tag, a third-party analytics provider, a YouTube channel, etc.) and, in addition, you can consult numerous statistics related to, for example, their size for each of the networks.
To find it, you will have to go to the shared library, which you can access from the “Tools and settings” section.

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It is from this audience manager that you can create lists of users based on their previous searches, their browsing or their behavior on your YouTube channel or app, among many others.

Audience Manager in Google Ads
Here you can see the list of remarketing audiences, as well as custom audiences. You can also see their statistics, audience sources and their settings.

It is from the audience manager that you can create lists of users based on their previous searches and browsing, through “custom audiences”.

Remarketing Lists

In short, remarketing lists are those aimed at re-impacting SNBD Host  a user who has already visited us or behaved in one way or another. Generally speaking, these tend to be the most qualified audiences, as they allow us to reach out again to people who know us and whom we know, segmenting them based on previous behavior or ways of interacting with our website.


When creating remarketing audiences in Google Ads, we can have a retroactive effect of up to 30 days, meaning that the lists do not start from 0, but rather have the data collected in that period.
We can apply the Analytics data to Google Ads, but we can also view these segments in Google Analytics itself, so that we can see the behavior of these audiences, whether or not they return through advertising campaigns.
Looking at those three points, we can conclude that Analytics beats Google Ads 2 to 1 as the best source for creating user lists.

Prospecting: Google Ads Audiences

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