up Jennifer: Sure. So at Vidyard we were writing articles all the time to get our message out there . like many startups. But when you write about the same story all the time .


 you start to wonder: okay . how can I scale this message more effectively and is there a content asset that I can make as sales enablement so that we can use this message all the time on a bigger scale Dan: Right. Sorry . we should just clarify that you were at Vidyard before .


 Jennifer: Yeah.

So we made a strategic video campaign  taiwan phone number example about the two types of people we were always writing about and for. So the video is about what happens to a marketer who posts videos blindly and hopes that they do well versus a marketer who is super smart about where she distributes her video and is just more strategic.


 So we wrote this “

once upon a time” type story about Post-and-Pray Pete and Strategic Sue that would speak directly to our audience of BB marketers who weren’t really sure what to do with their videos. And even though videos don’t always have a strategic purpose these days . we’re a startup and we needed the content we created to help us with lead generation month over month.

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 So we decided the

video had to have a bigger purpose for SNBD Host lead viewers to complete more of a meaningful action so that they had to enter our funnel somehow. So at the end of the video . the narrator tells you that the main character in the story is a real marketer . not just a cartoon .


 and this call to action prompts the download of a case study about this exact marketer – one of our customers. In other words . the video leads viewers to reach the end of the content to engage with even more content that speaks to the middle of the funnel. Does that make sense Dan: Yes.


 So in this case . the campaign itself was instructional in the sense of distinguishing between the type of marketer who starts the video campaign with a strategy in place versus the one who just sort of thinks if we build it . they will come. But it was also itself a campaign that had a “lead you in” component to it.


 Jennifer: Absolutely.

So we ended up finding that those who converted were pretty high quality because the video served as a way to qualify their interest. So if we get you to watch a two-minute video and then you download a case study . you’ve gone through two actions and it’s likely that you’re more interested or you’re worth a call or you’re trying to figure out what our business actually does .


 you know Dan: So

the goal of the campaign was what . to generate a certain amount of leads or to get people to watch a certain amount of the video Jennifer: So basically it was a lead gen campaign so we were trying to get more people in the top of the funnel. So the content is very high touch .


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