In all marketing blogs there are countless explanatory lines about the types of matches in Google Ads and how they work . But even so, there are always aspects that raise doubts, little-known peculiarities and complex uses… In the following post we are going to explain all these advanced and little-known aspects of keyword matches in Google Ads.

Broad Match on Google

This keyword match type is used by default if qatar mobile number list no other keywords are specified.

Show ads when the user’s search contains the keyword or a variation of it, regardless of whether there are more words, the order, or whether the word has any variation.

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To configure it , you must include the words without any modifiers.

Advantages of broad match in Google Ads:
Shorter list of keywords to include
Greater visibility of our ads
Highest number of clicks
Discover new keywords that users are using
Disadvantages of broad keyword match:
Less control over the terms that trigger keywords
Irrelevant searches due to having very broad keywords
By increasing the number of clicks, you can increase the total investment of the campaign.
A comprehensive list of negative keywords must be included
Crack Level for Broad Match in Google Ads
Use keywords with 3+ terms
Rely on internal searches on your website
Use automated bidding strategies
Target only highly qualified users through RLSA (Remarketing List Search Ads) campaigns
Negativeize your brand name to keep your branding data clean
Beware of auto-suggest apps!
Work on the DKI and destination URL at the keyword level, so you can group keywords within the same ad group without losing relevance
Phrase Match in Google Ads
Using phrase matches in Google Ads allows you to show an ad when the user’s search includes the exact phrase of your keyword or variations of the exact phrase of your keyword, accompanied by other words before or after.

It is configured by adding the words in quotation marks.


Search Term

“Cook Book”

cheap cookbook

“Cook Book”

where to buy cookbook

“Cook Book”

Cook Book

Keywords may vary slightly depending on SNBD Host the terms used by the user in the search, but they will always have the same meaning. The following table shows the possible variations that may occur:



Search Term

Spelling Errors


short sleeve t-shirt

Singular or Plural

“sports car”

Sports cars

Same Root


bedside table


“Cantabria Avenue”

Cantabria Avenue


“Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy”

RAE dictionary


“memory foam mattress”

memory foam mattress

It is important to consider the order of the words, because if the user enters an additional word in the middle of the keyword, the ad will not be displayed .


Search Term

“Cook Book”

Advantages of phrase match in Google Ads:
Greater precision than broad match keywords
There is no need to negativeize so many keywords. For example, by including “clothing store”, the ads will only be shown for specific searches, so it is not necessary to negativeize terms such as: music, toys, electronics, etc .; in order not to appear in the following searches: “music store”, “toy store”, “electronics store” , etc.
Increase in CTR
Greater flexibility than exact match
Disadvantages of phrase match:
Lower visibility, since the search must contain the keyword
We may miss other interesting searches
You need to check the words that accompany the keyword in the search terms, as some may not be of interest and need to be negatived. For example, if we sell cookbooks, we are not interested in searches that include terms such as: free, download, second hand , etc.
Note: Google Ads uses exact keywords (not slight variations) to determine Quality S

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