The Google Ads Summit 2020 is over! Once again, Google has invited us, as Google Ads experts, to participate in its annual meeting, where it presents the latest developments and plans for the coming year to world-renowned product experts.

What is the Product Experts or PE program at Google?

Google has communities for each of its 50+ products, in saudi arabia mobile number list different languages. Those participants who show greater knowledge of the product and are more participative are rewarded by Google, recognizing them as product experts, giving them a direct line to product developers and inviting them to exclusive events.

Globally, Google has recognized 73 Google Ads product experts , spread across 28 countries, of which only 13 belong to the Spanish-speaking community.

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What was the Google Summit 2020 about?
For obvious reasons, this year’s event was entirely online. It took place through an interactive platform, created for the occasion, which included meetups, YouTube live streams, forums and live chats, and recreational spaces, with games, music, etc.

Google Summit 2020 Page

The sessions were divided between general content , such as augmented reality and its application to Google products; product-specific content , with examples such as the talk where we were able to learn more in depth about tools such as Google for Education and training on Google’s educational platforms, such as Skillshop or Bento (technology used by different communities).

But the most interesting part was undoubtedly the workshops specific to specific features. Here, we had hours dedicated to video campaigns, smart campaigns, search or Google app download campaigns.

All of them were led by Google product managers, who took the opportunity to tell us about the news and give us a glimpse of the roadmap that each of these tools will follow during the coming year 2021.

Google Summit 2020 Page

Our favorite session from Google Product Experts Summit 2020
Although there were several very interesting talks, the one we liked the most (especially because of our fixation with e-commerce ) was the one about Buy on Google. Here we were able to delve deeper into this new tool (currently only open in the United States) that allows manufacturers and small businesses to sell directly from the Google interface, without users having to visit their website (or even without needing to have a website).

This new feature has been on the market for over a year now, but its adoption is still quite low, and Google is still working on new updates and options available for 2021, to make it more attractive for both sellers and buyers. The goal is for the feature to arrive in Europe (to stay and in a fairly democratized way) towards the end of next year.

What summary can we make of these days?
Although we cannot provide too much detailed information for confidentiality reasons, it is clear that, looking ahead to 2021, Google will continue to focus on machine learning and process automation that allows advertisers with little knowledge to launch their own campaigns, and allows experienced managers to free up time for planning and data analysis.

However, campaigns such as APP Campaigns or smart campaigns will expand the management and modification capacity of managers, giving them back a little bit of freedom (in small increments).


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