How to locate a cell phone by number with a monitoring app?

track phone by number with eyezy
Eyezy is one of the best solutions for location tracking and monitoring. Offering a GPS tracker and Geofencing, it proves that it is possible to track a cell phone by number. The real-time map display provides information about the person’s location, while the location history provides an overview of past movements.

Eyezy goes beyond location tracking, allowing you to spot suspicious locations and pakistani mobile numbers define safe zones. Zone crossing alerts allow you to enforce boundaries effectively. In just a few steps, Eyezy provides a robust cell phone tracking solution by number. Setting up Eyezy is quite intuitive:

Visit and create an account.
Buy a subscription according to your needs.
Proceed according to the instructions received in your registered email.
Install Eyezy on the target device.
Log in to your Eyezy dashboard and start tracking their location!
Want to know much more than your location?
Get Eyezy and see virtually anything on your phone.

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How to track a cell phone by phone number with Detectico ?

Detectico stands out as one of the best options for finding cell phone location by number. To use this app, simply enter the target’s phone number and a personalized message, then click Send. When the recipient SNBD Host clicks on the text link, Detectico will reveal their location, providing precise details.

There is no need to install the app on the target’s phone, which ensures discreet tracking. Unlike supposed free services that can compromise security, Detectico knows how to locate a cell phone by number in a safe and reliable way.

Users benefit from anonymity as Detectico sends messages discreetly, preserving privacy. With Detectico, tracking becomes efficient and respects user privacy, making it a top-notch option for location tracking by phone number.

Finding Someone’s Location with Find My Device
how to track a cell phone by number
The Find My Device function is not the best option for those who want to know how to track a cell phone by number, as it does not offer this type of functionality.

To locate someone by their cell phone number for free using Find My Device, enable the security settings on your Android. Download the Find My Device app or go to in your browser, sign in with the target’s Google account, and select the target device. The page will display the target’s last location and battery level.

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