Introduction: Understanding the Australian numbering plan is crucial for effective communication across the vast continent, ensuring seamless connections for residents and businesses alike.

Structure of Australian Phone Numbers A Guide to Australian Phone Numbers

Australian phone numbers follow a consistent structure, typically comprising a national prefix, area code, and subscriber number.

National Prefix (H3): The national prefix for Australian phone numbers is ‘0’, which must be diale before the area code when calling from within Australia.

Area Codes (H3): Each region in Australia is assignea specific uk phone database  area code, such as 02 for New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, and 03 for Victoria and Tasmania.

Subscriber Number (H3): The subscriber number forms the final part of an Australian phone number and identifies the individual line within the designate area.

Mobile Phone Numbers

Australian mobile phone numbers begin with the national prefix ’04’ follow by a unique mobile area code and subscriber number.

Format and Usage (H3): Australian phone numbers are formatt consistently to ensure clarity and ease of use, whether dialing locally or internationally.

Regulation and Administration (H3): The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) oversees the allocation and management of phone numbers to maintain efficiency and fairness.

International Dialing

To call an Australian number from overseas, dial the international access code, followd by. Australia’s country code ’61’, the area code without the leading ‘0’, and the subscriber number.

Conclusion: The Australian numbering plan facilitates  SNBD Host efficient communication nationwide and internationally, reflecting Australia’s commitment to connectivity and accessibility.

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    • H3: Area Codes
    • H3: Subscriber Number
    • H2: Mobile Phone Numbers
    • H3: Format and Usage
    • H3: Regulation and Administration
    • H2: International Dialing


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