Unlike the familiar Arabic numerals used globally, Thai employs its unique script for writing numbers. However, fret not! Arabic numerals are widely used alongside the Thai script, particularly in tourist areas. This guide focuses primarily on pronouncing and understanding spoken Thai numbers, a skill that will enhance your interactions with locals.

Here’s a breakdown of the Thai number system:

  • Numbers 0-9: These are the fundamental building blocks. Here’s a table for easy reference:
  • Numbers 11-19: Unlike some languages, Thai follows a logical pattern for numbers exceeding 10. Here, “สิบ (sìp)” meaning “ten” is placed before the unit digit (numbers 1-9). However, for the number 11, a slight variation occurs. Instead of “สิบหนึ่ง (sìp neung),” “สิบเอ็ด (sìp èt)” is used.

  • Numbers 20 and Above: The pattern continues for higher numbers. Here, “ยี่สิบ (yee-sìp)” translates to “twenty,” followed by the unit digit. So, 21 becomes “ยี่สิบเอ็ด (yee-sìp èt)” and 22 becomes “ยี่สิบสอง (yee-sìp sǎawng).”

Similarly, for multiples of 10 (30, 40, 50, etc.), the corresponding digit for the ten’s place (3, 4, 5) is placed before “สิบ (sìp).” Numbers A Culinary Journey beyond these follow the same logic, combining the ten’s place digit with “สิบ (sìp)” and then adding the unit digit.

H2: Putting Thai Numbers into Practice

Now that you’ve grasped the basics, let’s explore some practical scenarios where understanding Thai numbers comes in handy:

  • Bargaining at a Market:

  • A Culinary Journey

  • Thailand is a paradise for shoppers, and bargaining is an integral part of the market experience. Knowing how to say numbers in Thai allows you to confidently negotiate prices and secure the best deals.

  • Ordering Food:

  • From delectable street food to opulent how to find to whom mobile number belongs restaurants, Thai cuisine is a sensory delight. Understanding Thai numbers empowers you to navigate menus, ask about quantities, and customize your order with ease.

  • Commuting and Transportation:

  • Public transportation is extensive and affordable in Thailand. Knowing numbers allows you to decipher bus routes, understand taxi fares, and navigate train schedules with confidence.

  • Telling Time: While digital clocks are ubiquitous, understanding Thai numbers enables you to comprehend analog clocks and timetables expressed in the Thai language.

  • Dates and Numbers in Daily Life: Numbers are woven into everyday interactions. Knowing Thai numbers allows you to understand prices, phone numbers, addresses, and even dates expressed in the Thai calendar.

H3: Advanced Topics: Higher Numbers and Thai Script

While mastering basic numbers is sufficient for most travelers, for the adventurous souls seeking deeper immersion, here’s a glimpse into higher numbers and the Thai script for numerals.

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