In other words . even if the pages are the same size . a page with five graphical elements will load more quickly than one with . Keeping design elements minimal reduces the time it takes for a page to load – and that helps keep people around so they can convert. . Optimize images for mobile Once you’ve narrowed down the images to only include those you absolutely need .


 you’ll need to optimize

them to their full potential. That means reducing your overall file size and making sure images scale to any device people might be using using. This post on the Google Developers blog outlines exactly how to go about making sure your images are done right on mobile. In short . the article recommends: Tricks for compressing images Learning to select the right image format Reducing the number of unnecessary pixels in an image by scaling images to their display size Removing unnecessary image metadata By investing time in learning how to best optimize your images for mobile .


 you’ll be reducing friction by speeding saudi arabia mobile number owner details  up the loading time of your landing pages. . Remember that every screen is different I get a lot of comments about my phone. I have a Nexus that . with the giant idiot-proof case that surrounds it . looks like a small tablet. Mine is just one of dozens (maybe hundreds ) of different phones out there in the hands of your prospects.

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 The new iPhone ’s screen

is different from that of the iPhone . or SNBD Host the LG G or… you get the point. mobile-responsive-landing-pages Image source. Mobile landing pages need to respond to every size. Responsive design means adapting to the device accessing the content and displaying the information in the way best suited to that device.


 You may find that you need to cut back on some of the content to make the experience more enjoyable for mobile users. Test your heart out . and remember that at the end of the day . you’re trying to give them the information they need to convert. . Make your content readable Larger fonts help readability.


 In the example below .

it’s tough for the reader to go through the content and figure out what’s there. While not strictly a landing page by definition . the page below is one of the paid results I got when searching for “mobile marketing.” mobile-friction-example The first mistake they made was not using a dedicated landing page for this campaign.


 The next was making

the content on the page barely readable as the font is so small. Each of the sections on landing page designer Jen Gordon’s homepage is optimized for mobile . and has font that is readable. Readable mobile landing page You can see that snippets of information have been broken up into readable sections .

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