step and the amount of content people consumed total on your site So which video led to another one .


 and so on and so forth

. And you can also A/B test your landing pages to see whether videos are actually helping to persuade more people to convert. Dan: Right. I keep talking about YouTube because that’s often what comes to mind when you hear online video. But like you said . you really want to host your videos on that dedicated landing page.


 Beyond A/B testing . what are some reasons for doing that . or is A/B testing the answer and I gave it away Jennifer: You’re definitely going to want to test out whether videos help your landing pages because the entire purpose of the landing page is to persuade . and videos happen to be the best way .


 I think . to convince someone of anything. So they’re inherently persuasive because they usually contain people and faces and we all really like consuming information in that palatable way. Unruly found that enjoyment of a video asset increases purchase intent by percent and brand association by percent. So that’s huge. And found with previous research that it can impact conversion by up to percent just having that video on your landing page.


 But it all depends on

whether that asset is actually good. But one of the best examples of video on a landing page I’ve seen recently is the example on ’s site: Paper Anniversary by Anna Analyzing Number Trends: Statistical Insights  V. It’s so good. There’s this lady . Anna V. . who sells paper anniversary jewelry. So she makes jewelry for people’s first wedding anniversaries out of paper.


 But she has a video at the top of her click-through page so the landing page leads to where you can go see the actual jewelry pieces. But the top of the page contains this video featuring the owner of the company talking about how the first anniversary is so important and why men should consider buying a paper gift .


 a traditional paper gift

– meaning her jewelry – to make it special. But it’s just Analyzing Number Trends: Statistical Insights  such a persuasive video and it’s got high production quality . which you don’t always have to have . but that one definitely contributes to a better experience. And yeah . you should check it out; it’s really good.


 Dan: I will do that. So it’s saudi mobile number check  interesting. I guess videos help reinforce a landing page in terms of engagement . in terms of making the sale . I guess . and persuading them to click the CTA. While on the other hand . the fact that it’s on a landing page helps the video actually convert .

phone number Data

 right Because ideally

if it’s a properly designed landing page . especially SNBD Host with when they have only that one thing to do . which is click the CTA either in the video or on the page itself . which hopefully I guess are lined up . right You don’t want two conflicting CTAs between the page and the video Jennifer: Oh .


 yeah. The video should definitely – if you’re going to include one . it can’t be the video brand generic thing that has nothing to do with the offer on the page. You really . really want the two of

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