Do you know what your customers are doing when they are on your website? Do you know where your prospects and customers come from? If not, you need to understand the journey of your customer so you know the channel and campaign where they first encountered your brand to the touchpoint where they converted. Here are some AI tools to help you: Isometrics analyzes customer data to gain insights on customer behavior and brand interactions. Mix panel enables you to better understand your customers by analyzing their behavior and interactions. Amplitude analyzes the customer journey to unearth friction on the path to conversions and identify what works well in the campaign. SEMrush Persona enables you to build buyer personas using AI-powered persona templates.

AI Tools for Idea Generation & Content Research

One of the hardest things as a marketer is to come up with fresh and exciting content ideas. Even when you know your buyer personas and have data to give you insight from previous campaigns, sometimes you just get stuck. Here are some great AI tools for  Telemarketing Leads generating ideas and researching content. Chat GPT can help you do initial content research, based on highly detailed prompts. Reddit enables you to do content research via its subreddits, which can then be fed into AI tools.


AI Tools for Keyword Research

Consensus is an AI-powered search engine particularly suited for searching research papers. Gemini (previously Bard) is a powerful text-based AI tool backed by Google’s search engine. Milled is an AI tool that helps you research content in email newsletters. Clearscope analyzes high-ranking pages to give you ideas on how to create optimized content based on your SNBD Host keyword research. Market Muse can help with content planning, optimization, and performance monitoring, as well as competitor analysis. Perplexity AI is an AI-powered search engine particularly useful for generating ideas, based on cited sources.

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