Marketing AI continues to gain ground in the strategies of large companies. And this is even more true in 2024. Using the many advantages of artificial intelligence, marketing AI allows brands to be more competitive by significantly improving the user experience. This is a powerful lever that companies will be required to apply permanently in the years to come.

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What is Marketing AI?
Marketing AI is the branch of artificial intelligence whose goal is to help marketers. It is mainly adopted in a process of improving and personalizing the user’s sales journey. Marketing AI allows you to collect data and anticipate consumer needs.

Artificial Intelligence for Content Creation


What is the purpose of AI Marketing?
Marketing AI aims to convert users into leads. This is the same goal as a human marketer. However, marketing AI will prove useful in tasks that are very difficult or impossible for a human brain. These are often repetitive tasks or tasks that involve processing a large amount of information. This is why marketing AI is frequently used in data collection and analysis.


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8 examples of marketing AI
In marketing, the use of artificial intelligence is becoming more and more widespread. For several years now, companies and major brands have poland number for whatsapp been able to observe the benefits of using certain tools that rely on marketing AI. These tools offer companies the possibility of collecting essential data concerning consumers. Thus, they can analyze them in order to constantly improve their offers and products.

Here are 8 examples of marketing AI:

Facial recognition
Content generation
Voice assistance and automatic search
Google Algorithm
Social networks
Personalization of content
The sale

1 – Facial recognition
Facial recognition is a process that, thanks to artificial intelligence, makes it possible to identify and analyze an individual’s face according to their features. In addition, thanks to this technique, it is easier to measure the audience, their age, the attention they pay to a product, etc.

The techniques are increasingly sophisticated

Artificial intelligence is proving very useful in content marketing. Indeed, creating text content o considerable effort in terms of research and writing. Thanks to Machine Learning , it is now possible to ask an AI tool to generate a content structure for a page, or even to write the text.

Similarly, several tools (including HubSpot) offer AI-powered image creation features to enrich web page content with minimal effort.

Good to know: HubSpot’s AI-powered website builder lets you create a free website in minutes, making it easy to post engaging and relevant content for users.


3 – Chatbots
Chatbots are obviously part of SNBD Host marketing AI. When an Internet user arrives on a website, chatbots are these small virtual speakers appearing via a window at the bottom of the screen. These assistants allow users to guide them on the site or to answer their questions by offering them pre-established answers. Chatbots are simply an algorithm that intelligently responds to the different questions that the Internet user may ask. It analyzes each data and automatically compares it to the old ones already in memory. All sectors of activity can use chatbots because they are supposed to considerably improve the user experience by providing relevant information. Chatbots are ultra-efficient and capable of detecting if the Internet user encounters a problem during their navigation on the site or following the question asked.

Finally, new tools are emerging to facilitate sales missions for salespeople. Indeed, some software using artificial intelligence such as HubSpot’s sales software can help companies classify prospects according to their intensity of desire to purchase. The software’s algorithms know how to qualify prospects and transmit reliable indications to salespeople who can thus optimize their sales process. Some software is even capable of sending emails directly to prospects to obtain their consent for a possible exchange with a salesperson from the company.


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