Abuse and Complaint

SNBD HOST investigates all allegations of spam related to our services. If we verify that emails are coming from our services (either private email and web hosting email services), appropriate action will be taken. The steps below will help SNBD HOST in its investigation.

When reporting email abuse, you must provide the information listed below as Evidence:
“From” Address
“To” Address
Full Email Header
Email Content

In particular, the Full Email Header provides the necessary information to determine if the email(s) are using SNBD HOST ’s services. If you cannot provide the Full Email Header and the domain is registered with SNBD HOST , we will investigate to determine whether the domain is blacklisted by trusted organizations (like Spamhaus or SURBL) and, if so, take action accordingly.

NOTE: We recommend that, before reporting email abuse, you follow the unsubscribe link in the email you received, in case it was a simple error, and get in touch with us if you keep receiving the reported email(s).