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Lets be clear, what we do or we don’t. We don’t keep these things in us. We believe that, its better to open any terms and conditions we have, before you start subscribing to us

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Things you need to know first

SNBD HOST, delivers web hosting solutions which are bought from various wholesalers around the globe. We properly trust the terms and conditions of all the companies we deal with. We don’t have any control over anything done by the third-party owner of our servers, hosting, & domain

We host your files and register your domains only. We are responsible if any server failure happens due to any Software-based issue. Other than that –

  • you are responsible for what you put on your website
  • you are responsible for maintaining the website (if you purchase hosting only)
  • you are responsible for backups (if you purchase hosting only)
  • you are knowledgeable enough that server problem may occur anytime and no system is safe

We never sell your data to anyone third-party (in europe and USA server) but we do take information like Cookies, and Browing History and use it for Marketing and beneficial purposes. We are SAFE guaranteed by Google & we use Facebook to collect data and run ads

Your Further FAQ about us

Question already answered to you

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The Acceptable Use Policy applies to website content, as well as content available on your FTP site. Please respect all international copyrights. Do not distribute work that is not your own, or work that you do not have permission to freely distribute. Please see the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Policy if you have any additional questions about our policies regarding copyright issues.

We do not allow adult sites, warez sites, or illegal material of any kind on our servers.

Spamming (sending unsolicited email from our servers, or using an e-mail address that is related to our company or hosted on any of our servers) is strictly prohibited. Violators are subject to having their account terminated immediately.

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