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  Introducing     deltaDNS hosted servers

Boost your business, host your dream startup!

with SNBD HOST, you can fly without limits! Host your unique startup, and enhance your business without extra hidden fees!

See Pricing Start as low as USD $2

SNBD HOST is a web hosting and domain registration agency, which helps you to host your website in the most affordable way available, we also register domains on your behalf. Not only that, we have wide range of servers, which helps you to get the most speed and features in the market!

Everything You Need to Create a Website

Domain Registration

Register your domain without any hassle. Register it from SNBD HOST

Server & Hosting

Host your Application/Website with us. Manage your website with fastest cPanel and get your business hosted anywhere in the world

Tech Support

We allow our customers to get the best support of the town! Get your dedicated support from Team SNBD anytime

From IOS to Android

Mobile App Development

From PHP to WordPress

Website & Web App Development

For New Startups, Influencers and Creators

Social Media Management

From your home to online security

Online Security and Speed

Why to Choose us?

Best Cutting Edge Solutions in the Market!

Wheather you are working on your own personal project or you are going to start your own business, for digitalization, we are the only one providing cutting-edge solutions in the whole market!

Ask us How?

cPanel Control Panel is provided with all Basic and Premium Hosting so that you don’t have to hassle around to control your very own website

Our Primary Server is in the heart of Dhaka, Bangladesh. We have couple of Servers under Hetzner Network from United States, United Kingdon, Japan, Singapore and Germany. We have Premium Servers from CloudCone and other provides across around the world

With advanced Cisco Firewall and Immunify software-based Technology, we have ensured 100% Data Privacy and Protection from any attacks and harmful viruses

SINCE 2020

We promise to bring revolution to this web hosting & agency industry!

Working with us, you will find that we don’t only Host your websites and register your domain. We bring you creative ideas, business recommendations and Marketing to your doorstep! Why you are still lagging behind your ideas? Host them now! Get Started with SNBD HOST

Website Hosted
Regular Customers
Co-Located Servers

We will help you to generate good ideas for your next business, host your business, provide automation and generate leads!

Yeamin Adib


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